Welcome to the vast world of Bluedust! A world of constant conflict and intrigue. There are many facets to the world which you might be interested in. From strategic warfare to unique scientific experiments, there is much to do in Bluedust.

BlueDust is a mobile based, free to play, massive multiplayer online (MMO) strategy war game. Play as the leader of your people and guide them through the most volatile age in the history of the Fractured Lands. Leave your mark on this war-torn world as you build cities, battle strange creatures, conquer territory and finally take the fight to the ultimate foes – the Aliens. Control BlueDust and the Pyramid and be rewarded with greater power on your way to becoming the strongest leader the planet has ever seen.


After an epic War that lasted a thousand years, Planet Earth has fallen into darkness. A heavy and mysterious fog has completely enveloped the face of our planet. Beneath it Ancient Ruins are hidden. A few of the warriors and peasants who survived, now live in the ancient ruins and jungles, seeking shelter. The long battle consumed most of our planet’s resources. This is a time of crisis when resources are limited and must be conserved at all cost. Little do people know that something of greater gravity is about to happen.