GoLive Gaming Solutions is a gaming technology company which creates great game IPs. We are one of India’s best gaming technology companies. From holding some of India’s largest competitive gaming competitions, to making independent games, to being the preferred development partner for many publishers, to building our own tech frameworks – GoLive has done it all.

Incubated in CIE, IIIT-Hyderabad; GoLive has been one of the constant forces in the campus around game development. Most of the alumni in game development domain work with/for GoLive on a constant basis.

We are made up of industry veterans in Gaming, Animation and Engineering with combined experience of more than 100 man years. We’ve seen the fall of PC games and the insane rise of mobile games and feel we are in the thick of one of the biggest opportunities of our time – The World of Mobile Gaming.

Our latest gaming efforts are around the opportunities the mobile gaming world brings and using the latest technologies to bring games to life.