GoLive Gaming started off on a mission to change the world in 2008. Operating out of India we wanted to take gaming to the mainstream. Gaming in the mainstream entertainment meant dedicated TV shows, Pro-Gamers elevated to RockStar status, mega events, college tournaments and so on touching the grassroots in India.
Little did we realize that mainstream gaming – meant almost the whole of Indian youth playing mobile games everyday.

The first set of TV interviews / press releases from GoLive were about eSports being the future of gaming industry. Then we were talking about streaming technologies becoming a norm, and later multiplayer games on mobiles becoming a full blown industry. Looking back we were right in all counts – and with the current trend of MMO, Card and Tower games – multiplayer has become ingrained in the Indian Mobile Gaming scenario.

I hope we continue to work on the cusp of technology going ahead as well. 2016 was a year of change for us, from being the company behind products we finally went live with our own game “The Jungle Book” in a beta mode. 2017 is a true showcase of our frameworks – with 4 Card games and 3 MMOs lined up for release.