O2: Guardians of Nature is real-time strategy multiplayer game, where you compete against other players to defeat evil demons that threaten the planet. Participate on one-on-one battles where you race to defeat a vile Archfiend while choosing to help or hinder your opponent, or participate in massive team based boss fights to win glory for your faction.


Collect cards to control powerful minions and come up with unique strategies to best your foe.

Players in O2: Guardians of Nature take on the role of a new Guardian in a world of spirits and demons. As guardians, they must learn to control spirits and their unique powers in order to combat a demon horde that seeks to corrupt the earth.

As guardians, player’s will need to improve their skills in order to command better spirits as well as use an existing spirit to it’s fullest potential. As a guardian, the big responsibility for the player will be to participate in Archfiend Hunts, where guardians are assigned to newly forming archfiends(massive demons) to destroy them before they wreak major havoc. With an ever escalating war against the demons, these hunts are highly competitive and you will often see other guardians rushing to defeat the archfiends. However the most elite of the guardians take on even more perilous missions to strike at the heart of the demon horde in special events called strikes.


As players expand their collection and upgrade their cards, it represents their guardian maturing and ranking up as a protector of the earth. Their day to day missions will appropriately increase in scale. You won’t be fighting the same basic enemies in your daily missions when you get further into the progression.

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2 of the most satisfying moments of a Collectable Card Game are-

  1. Outplaying someone in a difficult match
  2. Getting an amazing card that you’ve been looking for a long time

Creating fun battles with mechanics that allow for interesting strategies and unique play styles is the basis for O2’s Design. Cards with unique effects that allow for an entire decks built around it, or cards that simply synergize effectively  is what O2 is ultimately going for.

And while fast and complex battles are one half of Core Loop, the second half is deck building. Gaining unique cards, upgrading your favourites to improve its abilities and putting it into a deck handcrafted for a particular playstyle. Experimenting and coming up with a deck that let’s you perform the best in the game is encouraged.

The game’s core loop follows a simple cycle of

  • Build a deck that suits your playstyle.
  • Participate in battles(hunts) against other players.
  • Get rewards
  • Use rewards to build an even better deck(new cards, upgrade cards)

The driving force behind most players will be to unlock new and better cards and to build a dream team that will let them dominate in PvP.